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★ About ORD:

Office of Research & Development was established in August, 2001.In order to promote faculty research momentum, pioneer technological research, uplift teaching results, including to promote the industry-academic collaboration related affairs, apply for patent, transfer the academic R&D results and upgrade the commercialized technologies of industrial park in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli and eventually drive the development of local economies.

It helps to support middle/long term development objectives of MUST/MOE regular evaluation/VIP visitations/R&D/industry-academic collaboration/ apply for patent and Technology Transfer/credited.

There are 4 subordinate units & nine research centers, respectively

1.    University Planning Center

2.    Research & Technology Promotion Center

3.    Industry-Academy and Technology Transfer Center

4.    Innovation and Incubation Center

5.    Research Centers


★ Organization Chart :

Organization Chart

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