Department Admission Features  

Recruit: senior high school graduates of any department

Timetable: flextime classes to meet student needs

Two modules of program planning:

1. "Cosmetic Technology":
    related courses of cosmetic product manufacturing and analytical        testing 

2. "Beauty style":
    related courses to train students beauty practices and pose etiquette ,        and to cultivate professional cosmetology, health care, beauty design  and advice personnel

Student development: (graduates with university diplomas)

1. Employment:

Those attending "Cosmetic Science and Technology" curriculum modules can be engaged in cosmetic education lecturers, cosmetic quality control personnel, cosmetic formulation developers, cosmetic ingredient marketers, aromatherapists, medical beauticians, etc.

Those attending "Beauty style" course module can be engaged in:
cosmetics education lecturers / marketing personnel,  aromatherapists, beauty modeling consultants, beauty makeup artists, modeling designers, bride secretaries, medical  beauticians and so on

2. Admission to higher education
application for domestic and abroad cosmetics manufacturing, cosmetic applications / managements and other related biotechnology and health care institutes to receive master and PhD degrees

3.Future outlook

The program oriented at excellent practical teaching and characteristic development areas bolsters university-industry cooperation, technical services and professional competition to help students to higher studies, and imports nano and bio technologies to enhance the competitiveness of domestic cosmetics industries.

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