Curriculum planning  

Undergraduate Applied Cosmetic Program was established to meet the development and requirement of domestic cosmetics and beauty-related industries, to nurture the cosmetic and modeling professional personnel for domestic industries and introduce potential expertise of cosmetics application and beautiful services to the domestic cosmetics and beauty industries. To match the requirement of student employments and expertise, the curriculum is, according to the required expertise employments of cosmetics technology and beauty style, scheduled as cosmetic technology module and beauty style module. Both modules are integrated with relevant professional skills. Emphasis of the program establishment is focused on the cultivation of student professional skills to enhance student professionalism and competence Illustrated below is the cultivation of student professional skills:

1.  The cultivation of expertise skills is the orientation of course t planning

he program curriculum planning combines characteristics of faculties and equipments across departments and hires experienced adjunct teachers to not only actively cultivate students' theoretical and practical professional competences, but also to fully cooperate with the general education development curriculum to strengthen student basic literacy of humanities, arts, foreign languages, nature and society to expand student professional field vision and to raise the workplace competitiveness. There are two modules in expertise curriculum, "Cosmetic Technology Module" and "Beauty modeling module". Students can choose their own expertise areas. in accordance with the interest to experience and learn industry trends and become competitive industry professionals of cosmetics and beauty modeling and achieve the program running idea of cosmetics and beauty styling.

2.  Counselling and encouragement of professional license

Highly supplement professional beauty-related teaching classroom, open professional beauty B and C Class license courses, and by university-industry cooperation in conjunction with industry tutors and field practices, enhance students' practical operation and skills upgrading. Beauty B Technician test specification content is particularly integrated into the promotion education curriculum and by resources link between the department and industries with curriculum modules, student acquisition of diverse professional skills is promoted and student ability to pass domestic and abroad license examinations is raised. In addition, the department actively seek CLA certified cosmetic B and C technician examination fields, was entrusted to handle the national cosmetic B verification test, provide domestic and international certification pipeline and information, set up student license reward system and professional license incentives to lift student qualified licenses rate and afford sufficient development and competitiveness for students in working career.

3.  Industry communication and services

Actively build cooperative educations with district beauty industries, sign industry-university cooperation contracts, integrate local resources to provide students with internship opportunities and industry services and implement field trips and visits with industry tutors, intensify exchanges of Department teachers and industries and increase student practical operation and skill upgrading by industry-university cooperation and the combination of industry tutors and on-site training, Excellent results are attained for  students to absorb professional knowledge, to practice in the field and accordingly to enhance professional capabilities and competences.

4.  Students are encouraged to join project works

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