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  International Education and Exchange Center provides several important services such as seeking alliance with overseas colleges, promoting intercollegiate exchanges, enrolling overseas students, conducting student exchange program, meeting foreign guests, organizing overseas summer / winter camps, providing overseas education consultation services, and arranging international education & exchange program. By bringing our geographical advantages and administrative features into full play, an international education & exchange program generated from industry-academic collaboration can be fully developed.


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  Overseas Students Service Center  is a single service window for overseas students. Students can seek professional consultation from Overseas Students Service Center to have their various problems and questions resolved. Overseas student consultation can be further subdivided into 4 major categories, including cultural adaptation, learning adaptation, life adaptation and interpersonal adaptation. Concrete actions taken were fully described as below:

(1) Cultural adaptation lectures such as “Round-the-Island Journey” and “Visiting Local Cultural Heritage” were delivered, so that overseas students can better understand domestic culture and have their misunderstanding generated from cultural differences eliminated.

(2) Learning exchanges between domestic students and overseas students were encouraged, while overseas students from upper grades were also invited over to share about their own learning experiences.

(3) Overseas student clubs were established to provide overseas students with a sense of belongingness and a dedicated channel to express themselves.


(4) Common activities between local students and overseas students were arranged, so that an exchange platform can be fully established to shorten overseas student’s interpersonal adaptation timespan.

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  Chinese Language Teaching Center was founded in 2008, and approved by the Ministry of education as a qualified Chinese Language Education Institute in 2018. We aim to provide an excellent environment for anyone interested in Chinese learning. We encourage interactions between international and local students for higher language proficiency, better cross-cultural skills, and greater intellectual growth.

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