News:Deng Shaoxuan loves music, from IG Influencer to be a music creator

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Deng Shaoxuan loves music and likes to share music creation on the Internet 

Deng Shaoxuan(鄧韶宣), a student in the Information Management Department of Minghsin University of Science and Technology, began to publish music performances videos on the Internet during his high school years. By the Internet, he had different life experience from other students through music videos, not only has nearly 100,000 fans on Instagram, and became a student influencer, but also strives to enrich his professional skills in music and move towards the goal of a musician.

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The principal Liu Kuo-wei(right) affirmed that Deng Shaoxuan played music by Internet professionally, with a clear goal to become a music creator

President Liu Kuo-wei(劉國偉) mentioned that at the university level, we should fully experience the university life. Many young people want to be Internet celebrities, YouTubers. They look forward to a bright stage but have no definite plans for long-term management. For example, Shaoxuan knows his own interests, can enrich his profession, and moves toward his goals in a planned way. In addition, Minghsin provides a diverse and innovative learning environment, allowing students to freely explore "what they want to be" , play to their expertise and become the people who know life.

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