News:Moon Festival is coming, Minghsin cooperated with Huashan to hold a experience camp for the elders

The Moon Festival is coming soon, of course, the traditional and delicious yolk pastry cakes are indispensable. Therefore, the students of Hotel Management and Culinary Creativity Department cooperated with Huashan Social Wefare Foundation(華山基金會) to hold a yolk pastry cakes DIY experience camp for the lonely elders on September 14th. The students accompany and teach the elders how to make yolk pastry cakes. The lonely elders can feel the happy atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival from the activities.

Huashan thanked Minghsin's students for supporting charity activities. Students personally made 350 yolk pastry cakes for lonely elders, let them feel love and care.

20200914 01.JPG

Minghsin' students cooperated with Huashan to hold a egg yolk cakes DIY experience camp for the elders

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Students accompany and teach the elders how to make egg yolk cakes.

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