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Traffic security education

 1. To maintain the campus peaceful and the traffic security during the school day.2. To provide the knowledge of students’ traffic safety, to make students obtain the safety conception, and to be a good citizen who can obey the traffic rules and maintain the traffic order and emphasize the moral of traffic.3. To do and promote traffic safety by oneself through understanding thoroughly about traffic safety, and to influence the family and society for the result of enhance the education of traffic safety.


Students service and counseling

To do the best about taking care of students, serving for students. We would rather make friends with students than instruct them. We give the service for young man, young man give the service for country. We care about students, help them to resolve the problems and keep their rights.


Emergency accident handling

To help Students to resolve emergency accident, for example, traffic accident, mountain hard, drowning, suicide, fighting,  harassment. Emergency accident handling

To help Students to resolve emergency accident, for example, traffic accident, mountain hard, drowning, suicide, fighting,  harassment, or help to handle the student's family problem and the student of the whole country who has accidents outside the school.


Visiting students living in the dorm 

To visit students living in the dorm from time to time, keep in touch with the owner of the house and parents, to understand students’ living style. To help to resolve the problem, to against the accident for maintain the security around the dorm.



1. The drillmasters on duty give the service to all the students.2. The drillmasters on duty in the dorm give the service to the students live in the dorm.3. To promote Anti-drug affairs and forbid students smoking.4. To supervise students to sweep the school campus to maintain the campus to be clean.5.To emphasize the life education, to instruct students’ clothing appearance.6.To handle the order of school anniversaries and week meetings.



 1. Follow the four principles of the school design curriculum philosophy and content of the

     book, the four principles are as follows:

(1) to level, disaster, warfare for the curriculum design core concept.

(2) to young students to mobilize practical courses as the main training skills.

(3) to recruits education pre-education courses for training objectives.

(4) to patriotism, love the countryside, love the true value of loyalty education.


2. Textbook content to pragmatic training courses, security services, traffic command, fire

    knowledge, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Shooting training, manpower grouping and

   other courses, so that young students finished compulsory courses, to have the basic

   service knowledge. 


3. Course with the student community expertise, interest, weekdays to serve the

   community, rural areas, driven primary and secondary school volunteer services, such as

   the occurrence of major disasters can also be mobilized immediately in the relief of human

   labor use, disaster area Xuanwei, environmental clean and other rehabilitation work, Once

   the country occurred when the war more able to mobilize youth service.


4. National defense education military training course discount period: March 13, 2001

    Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education issued the title

    of "national defense education military training courses to reduce the standing military

   service and military training during the implementation of the approach Defined "National

   Defense Education Military Training" for course reduction.


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