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Gauss Awards Math Competition

Gauss Awards Math Competition

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Mathematical Consultation Room


Natural Sciences Teaching Center

The Natural Sciences Teaching Center is a teaching center that combines natural fields such as physics, mathematics, earth sciences, and life sciences. He is mainly responsible for teaching professional basic courses such as physics, physics experiments, calculus and basic mathematics, and cultivating students' ability to have logical reasoning, analysis and judgment and problem solving. We have developed a wide range of general classification courses, from the three categories of living environment and technology, creativity and evidence, and health and happiness, to cultivate students with seven core literacy of general education. In addition to teaching activities, and actively carry out various student activities, including popular mathematics and academic lectures, popular physics and academic lectures, Gauss Awards mathematics competition and water rocket competition, providing students with opportunities for diverse learning. In addition, a special calculus consultation room and a physics learning corner are set up to strengthen the after-school tutoring of students. In order to enhance teachers' professionalism, self-growth and cross-domain integration, teachers participate in on-campus and in-house seminars, and cooperate with private enterprises or government departments in production, government, research and research. The Nature Center is a teaching center full of education and enthusiasm.



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