Attendance Regulation

     1.Class time: Each class is 50 minutes long with a 10-minute break in between.

     2.Students who are late for twenty minutes need to ask for leave; otherwise it will be counted as absence. Teachers who are late have to make up the missed class time.

     3.There is no class on national holidays, which are announced by the Central Personnel Administration of Executive Yuan.

     4.The office will follow the instruction of the Hsinchu Government to decide whether the class will be suspended when there is a typhoon, an earthquake or other events that are out of human control, such as a natural disasters or an air raid. And the CLTC will arrange a make-up class another day. 

5.According to the Workforce Development Agency, foreign students cannot work in Taiwan without a working permit. Students are qualified to apply for the permit after consecutive study for one year here at the center. Anyone who is found working illegally will be disqualified for his/her VISA status.

Workforce Development Agency:


6.The CLTC will notify the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Office if there is any change in students’ enrollment status (such as registration not completed, withdrawing from the class/getting refund, etc.).

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