Grade Report and Certificate of Course Completion

1. The grade report and certificate of course completion will be provided at the end of each term. However, no certificate will be issued if the student has no grades of midterm or final exam, or the final average grades are lower than the standard (70 points), or he/she doesn’t fulfill the regulated attendance hours (absence and leave hours should be under 25% of the total required attendance hours.).

2. To apply for extra grade report or certificate, please fill out the application form at the office a week before leaving school. If the grade report and certificate need to be sent to students by post, it will be sent via registered airmail about 50 days after the end of term, and it costs NT$200 for postage (which shall be paid to the office upon application).

Student’s name, studying period, and class hours will be presented in the certificate. Credits are not offered for this course.


Only transcript (no certificate) for those who join the class halfway.

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