Refund Policy

1.Students who file a refund application after the payment is made and before the course starts are entitled to a 90% refund of the tuition.

2.Students who file a refund application before the first third of the course are entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition.

3.There will be no refund after the first third of the course.

4.If the class is not open because of low enrollment or other reasons that has nothing to do with students, all the paid fees will be refunded.

5.Application fee will not be refunded except for the situation mentioned above in Point 4..

6.Refund application shall be filed by 16:00 of the deadline. Please submit the following application documents to the CLTC office in person

7.Refund application documents:

    (1)Application form (filling out the form on site)

    (2)original receipt

    (3)original CLTC student ID card

    (4)The photocopy of ID card/passport/ARC


    (5)The photocopy of the cover page of the applicant’s bank account book (which shall clearly indicate the bank’s branch’s name and the account number)

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