Educational Features

Chinese Language Teaching Center at Minghsin is characterized by professional faculty, innovative teaching methods, excellent learning facilities, and multi learning activities. We care about students’ language development and future career development.

1.         As a technical university, we give priority to practical knowledge and skills that will help students land a job after graduation. Our Chinese teaching seeks to bridge connection with students’ professional expertise.

2.         All our teachers have either Certificates of Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language (TCSL) issued by the Ministry of Education or doctorate/master’s degrees in TCSL from national universities.

3.         Teachers have a good command of both Pinyin and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, and they teach simplified Chinese characters as well as traditional ones.

4.         We provide courses ranging from fundamental to high-intermediate proficiency levels and offer guidance in passing Chinese language proficiency tests.

5.         Each semester, speech, oral reading, and singing contests are held to help improve Chinese language abilities.

6.         Cultural activities, festivities, and field trips are held each year.

7.         A TA is provided for every Industry-Academia Collaboration Program course for proper communications between the instructors and students.

8.         Instructors are kind and enthusiastic, providing diverse, hands-on courses, utilizing multimedia and mobile applications for interactions and simulated context learning.

9.         We provide a wide range of learning facilities resources, creating an excellent learning environment.

10.     The university has set up E-Learning, an online learning platform, for students to study Chinese outside the classroom.

11.     We also provide assistance outside of the classroom as well as language counseling.

12.     Hsinchu, where we are located, is not only a center of technology but also rich in Hakka and aboriginal cultures. With nice people and reasonable expenses, it is a perfect place to live and study in.

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