Educational Goals

MUST CLTC has been running for over 10 years. With the experiences and resources that MUST CLTC built up, cooperate with the programs from government, which are New Southbound Policy and being a major exporter of Chinese language education, MUST CLTC sets up short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.

 I. Short-term goals

1.MUST CLTC has approved by Minister of Education to recruit students abroad, offering chances for students from sister schools to learn Chinese.

2.Offering different levels of courses

3.Training Volunteers for Students

4.Recruiting professional teachers 


II. Mid-term Goals

1.Training New immigrants’ reading and writing skills

2.Offering chances for migrant workers to learn Chinese

3. Cooperate with Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency to hold events for language and cultural interaction 

4.  Working with National Tsinghua University Department of Chinese Language and Literature 


III. Long-term Goals

1.Curriculum and professions integration

2.Creating teaching materials with different purposes

3.Training foreign  executive offers for Taiwanese companies

4.Developing digital teaching material with the cooperation of Interdisciplinary projects



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