Teaching and Learning Facilities


The university has made the development of the Chinese Language Teaching Center a top priority. The fourth floor of Hong Chao Building has been renovated specifically to fit the needs of Chinese language teaching and learning, including administration offices, Library, Language Counseling Room, iPad Cloud Classroom, Multi-activity Classroom, Chinese Context Classroom, Teaching Aid Room, and Culture Hall. We have the resources and the environment for a wide range of activities.


1. Classrooms:

Regular classrooms include Ming 601 and Ming 602 Chinese context classrooms in Ming Ming Building, a multifunction classroom on the 8th floor in Hong Chao Building and Hong 429 Chinese context on the 4th floor in Hong Chao Building. Each classroom is equipped with an e-podium so that instructors can better their teaching with the help of multimedia teaching aids.


2. Specialized Classrooms:

Room 424 of Hong Chao Building provide iPads and Chinese learning apps for e-learning and cloud interactive learning. Room 423 of Hong Chao Building serves as a multi-activity classroom for oral training activities that motivate learning. Room 210 of Ming Ming Building is a multimedia language learning lab with a computer equipped for each seat.


3. Spaces for Activities and Contests:

Room 423 is a multi-activity classroom that also serves as an appropriate location for cultural activities. Theater 401 in Ming Ming Building boasts excellent audio and lighting equipment. Annual Chinese singing contests and oral reading competitions are held here to give international students opportunities to show off their talents.


4. Counseling Room:

Room 425 of Hong Chao Building is a room for discussions and counseling. It can also be used for volunteer training.


5. Teaching Aid Room:

Room 422 of the Hong Chao Building can be used for making and storing teaching aids. Instructors can also come to rest or discuss and plan their lessons with other instructors.


6. Library:

Room 426 is stocked with textbooks, reference books, and study aids. Faculty and students alike are free to utilize them. Students are encouraged to check out books to study on their own. The library also holds events that motivate international students to study Chinese in their free time. The center has been purchasing Chinese learning books in different languages so that international students can study Chinese by cross-referencing with their native languages and further internalize Chinese learning. The library is also well-stocked in Chinese language research papers. Instructors can utilize these resources to advance their professional knowledge and teaching skills.


The above mentioned facilities are listed as follows.





Administration offices

Hong Chao Building (420 421)

1.     Director’s Office

2.     Administrative Assistant’s Office

Teaching Aid Room

Hong Chao Building (422)

1.     Desks, bookshelves, and other stationeries

2.     For instructors to discuss and prepare for their lessons

3.     For making and storing teaching aids

Multi-activity Classroom

Hong Chao Building (423)

1.     Wooden floors, full wall mirrors.

2.     For interactive oral communications.

3.     For cultural activities.

iPad Cloud Learning Classroom

Hong Chao Building (424)

1.     iPad, Apple TV, Google Classroom, Quizlet, Kahoot.

2.     For online teaching and interaction.


Hong Chao Building (425)

1.     Textbooks, self-study books, teaching materials in various languages, reference books for Chinese language proficiency tests, etc.

2.     For self-study, reading, and book checkout.

3.     Events such as shared reading, storytelling, etc.

Language Counseling Room

Hong Chao Building (426)

1. For remedial education, counseling, etc.

2. For discussions, volunteer training, etc.

Chinese Context Classroom (small)

Hong Chao Building (429)

1.     Small Scenario simulation classroom.

2.     An e-podium and projector for multimedia learning.

3.     3 whiteboards for practicing writing.

Multifunction Classroom

Hong Chao Building (8th floor)

1.     Chinese context classroom

2.     An e-podium and projector for multimedia learning.

3.     For watching videos and other activities.

Chinese Context Classroom (large)

Hong Chao Building (601602)

1.     Chinese context classroom

2.     For larger classes or lectures.

Multimedia Language Lab

Ming Ming Building (210)

1.  For practicing various language skills.

2.  For improving audiovisual speech integration skills.


Ming Ming Building (401)

1.  For various contests.

2.   For performances by international students.

3.   For watching Chinese videos.

4.   For a diverse language learning environment.

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